Wooden Carport or Garage – Which of These is Better?

While both the wooden carport and the wooden garage are built from the same material wood, we definitely have considerable differences between the two and hence it is also important that you pay attention to these differences in order to understand which among these two would exactly match to your requirements. Let us go through these differences in a more detailed way.


This is the main difference between both the constructions. While the garage is more of a closed type with walls built in three sides with a shutter or door arrangements made on the fourth side, the carport is likely to have all the sides open.


With all sides duly covered the wooden garages would give a better protection to your asset, which is car, with a proper locking system attached to the shutter or door. Carport is not considered as the best option for this purpose of providing safety to the vehicle. However, both of them provide enough protection against the natural environmental conditions like the sun light, wind and rain.

Attachment with the house:

While the garages allow the individuals to attach them to the house as the extended part of the house, the carports often stand as the independent structures to park the cars.


In this aspect carports will gain high score as they are just the simple flat roof structures, except for the modular roofs used in US, that can be shifted to any location of the garden without much difficulty. As the garages are covered with strong walls from all the sides, shifting them from one place to the other in the same backyard and front portion of the house is really tough and time taking.


People who are running on low budget and just want to protect their car against the climatic conditions and have no fear about the theft can prefer the carports as the cost of their construction is much less than what is otherwise spent on the construction of the garages.


Of course, carports are best when it comes to extending the space for accommodating more vehicles than what you initially had at the time of constructing the perfect place for parking your cars. This will let you make your decisions without any thoughts about the security provided instantly for the new car that you bought for an attractive price or a second hand car that you bought at a reduced price. When it is a second hand car you may not be willing to spend a lot for arranging a garage which is too costly. If you need any kind of information on this article related topic click here: Buy Carport and garage

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