How Beretta 92 And Berretta 96 Series Are Better And Innovative Pistols

Beretta 92, is first of the series of Beretta semi-automatic pistol range with a number of caliber variants, designs and succeeding models for combat and hunting. The original designs had namely four caliber configuration and could be distinguished with their operations as well. This model was designed in the year 1972, and the other models in this series included -

* Beretta 92 S

* Beretta 92S- 1

* Beretta 92 SB- F

* Beretta 92FS

Design and Features of Beretta 92

Beretta 92 was designed with a unique locking block system though the sliding design for easy ejection of ammunition was adapted from its other models. The barrel had an additional coating to protect it from any erosion. Erosion resistance makes it an important weapon for the hunters as it can stand harsh weather conditions. Due to its reliability and polymer coated body, it is highly in use among the law enforcement agencies and the Beretta 90 model resembles Beretta 92 closely.

In features, the model has four caliber variants - 92, 93, 96 and 98. Its innovative features, made over the years, include:

* Short reachable trigger

* Vertical gripping facility

* Faster reloading options

* Replaceable front sight

* Thin grip panels

* Unique accessory rail

* Magazines that hold 10-15 rounds of ammunitions for firing

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